Geekvape Held Online Seminar on E-Cigarette Technologies

Geekvape, one of the world’s greatest vapor manufacturers, collaborated with Oneshot Media to co-host an online seminar on e‐cigarette technologies.

The conference, themed “Leap further,” was organized to investigate new trends in the growth of e-cigarette technology. It gathered industry experts to debate technical development and industry innovation. The discussions are organized around four themes: user issues, atomizer structural design, battery cells and processors, and future development.

As the seminar discussion came to a close, industry professionals recognized that the vape system as a whole, with the atomizer performing a vital influence on flavor quality. Chips and battery cells also have an impact on whether or not you obtain the same flavor profile over time.

The tester revealed that the product’s voltage output had a major impact on the combustion of the nicotine juice along with the flavor. As a result, the level of output voltage and repeatability are critical.

By evaluating the output voltage of different products with the identical atomization core resistance value, it is demonstrated that the Geekvape device’s output consistency is indisputably superior to others and that the whole device is more reliable. When employing the same battery cell, Geekvape’s products are also quite superior in terms of chip output management.

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