UK’s Tobacco-Free Policy

Tobacco-free policy is a plan for a smoke-free generation 2017 is the strategy now in use in England to combat tobacco use. Its goal was to produce a generation that did not smoke, which was defined as having an adult smoking rate of 5% or below. Goals were established at the end of 2022 to:

  • 8% of 15-year-olds who smoke daily must drop to 3% or less.
  • increase the proportion of adults who smoke in England from 15.5% to 12% or less.
  • lessen the disparity between the general population and those who work in regular and manual jobs in terms of smoking prevalence.
  • lower the percentage of pregnant women who smoke from 10.7% to 6% or less.

The plan included a number of strategies for achieving these goals. Meanwhile, included in the policy are e-cigarettes and vaping policies, regulations, and guidelines. 

For UK-wide supply, producers are required to provide the MHRA with information on their goods via the MHRA Submission Site and the European Common Entry Gate (EU-CEG) notification portal. 

Six months before they plan to release their product on the market in Great Britain and/or Northern Ireland, manufacturers of new e-cigarettes and refill container goods are required to notify the MHRA. After the notification has been published on the official website, one can launch its products in the region.

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