Can CBD Gummies Help You Stop Smoking Cigarettes?

Are you ready to kick cigarettes to the curb once and for all? CBD gummies could be the game-changer you’ve been looking for! Recent studies have shown amazing results when using CBD gummies to quit smoking.
CBD has gained massive popularity for its incredible health benefits, helping with anxiety, chronic pain, and more. And here’s the exciting part: CBD might just be the key to ease nicotine withdrawal symptoms! Numerous reports back this up, and we’ve got more to share.
As more people strive to lead a healthier …

What Vape Kit Should I Buy?

E-cigarette smoking (e-cig) or vaping has rapidly become a favorite pastime for regular smokers and standard cigarette users who just shifted to it recently, primarily because it offers various flavors not present in conventional tobacco.
As a result, it is not surprising that you have become interested in smoking e-cigarettes from for example, and plan to try it at some point since its rise in popularity…

Geekvape Held Online Seminar on E-Cigarette Technologies

Geekvape, one of the world’s greatest vapor manufacturers, collaborated with Oneshot Media to co-host an online seminar on e‐cigarette technologies.
The conference, themed “Leap further,” was organized to investigate new trends in the growth of e-cigarette technology. It gathered industry experts to debate technical development and industry innovation. The discussions are organized around four themes: user issues, atomizer structural design, battery cells and processors, and future development.
As …

Pacha Mamma Dessert E-Liquid Review

What makes Pacha Mamma dessert e-liquid different from the rest is that all their products are dessert-inspired. It comes in 50 mL e-liquid in a 60 mL short-fill bottle with space for a 10 mL nicotine shot.
Charlie Chalk Dust is a TPD-compliant California-based e-liquid manufacturer. Founded in 2014, its mission is to offer smokers a sweet alternative to cigars. Their product range is only available in a 70/30 VG/PG juice ratio, which makes it more suitable for sub-ohm tanks and high-powered pod mods. 
To satisfy …

UK’s Tobacco-Free Policy

Tobacco-free policy is a plan for a smoke-free generation 2017 is the strategy now in use in England to combat tobacco use. Its goal was to produce a generation that did not smoke, which was defined as having an adult smoking rate of 5% or below. Goals were established at the end of 2022 to:

To Ban or Not to Ban Flavored E-Liquids

Experts are divided on whether flavored e-cigarettes should be prohibited. Due to the rising cases of relapse, health experts are torn between banning or not banning flavored vapes. The ban on flavored vapes defeats its purpose of discouraging people, especially youth, from vaping. Recent studies revealed that the ban on flavored e-cigarettes prompted users to try other flavors not covered by the ban. Meanwhile, some vapers who are ex-smokers switched back to smoking tobacco.
According to research co-author Deborah Ossip, the prohibition does not seem to be …

Why Do Vapers Relapse to Smoking?

It has been proven that switching from tobacco cigarettes to vaping reduces the risk of exposure to many toxic substances and cancer-causing chemicals. For people who are having difficulty quitting smoking, vaping is the next best alternative because vaping products are less harmful. There is a number of studies that links e-cigarettes to successful smoking cessation. 
On the other hand, while vaping is widely known as an alternative to smoking, there are studies that show that some vapers relapse into smoking. Why is this so? Although vaping is a healthier …

Geekvape Introduces Smart Manufacturing with Leading Technology

Geekvape’s state-of-the-art technology in vape manufacturing is the latest craze in the vaping industry. The company utilizes electronic atomization technologies and a lean, information-based automated production system. 
With this new smart technology, Geekvape looks forward to producing more high-quality products. Allen Yang, CEO of Geekvape, assures that their consumers around the world “can enjoy their products’ high standards of quality and safety.” “The new technology introduces a higher level of traceability to defeat counterfeit…

Choppa Salts E-Liquid Product Review

For those who are having second thoughts about trying Choppa Vapes, here is a review of their product. We hope that this article will help you decide if Choppa Salts e-liquid is the right one for you.

All Choppa e-liquid manufactured and bottled in the UK are TPD compliant.
Bottle nozzles are thin and perfect for pod …

Misinformation About Vaping: Who is the Culprit?

A lot has been said about vaping and the vaping industry, but something still doesn’t add up. The recently released misinformation about e-cigarettes is one of the pieces of misinformation that has piqued the interest of vaping enthusiasts. 
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the US Surgeon General claimed in their report that the outbreak of lung injuries called EVALI is associated with the use of e-cigarettes or vaping products. It was also reported that nicotine vaping is a gateway to youth smoking. 
The …