What Vape Kit Should I Buy?

E-cigarette smoking (e-cig) or vaping has rapidly become a favorite pastime for regular smokers and standard cigarette users who just shifted to it recently, primarily because it offers various flavors not present in conventional tobacco.

As a result, it is not surprising that you have become interested in smoking e-cigarettes from BargainEjuice.ca for example, and plan to try it at some point since its rise in popularity. Because of this, you may want to familiarize yourself first with the different vape kits and choose a product that best fits your lifestyle.

In the following sections, you will see a list of the various e-cigarette kits on the market.

Disposable Vape

A disposable vape, as the name implies, is a single-use kit.

Disposables initially contain vape juice and mostly feature a non-rechargeable battery and fixed coil, thus giving it such a name. However, they are also among the easiest-to-use vape kits due to their simple design.

Disposable vape kits are perfect for first-time users. Once you get your hands on one, open the pack and you can use it right away.

Cig-A-Like Kit

A cig-a-like vape is an electronic cig that strongly resembles a standard cigarette in appearance, hence the name.

Cig-a-likes have a remarkably similar form factor to the usual cigarette. And they usually have tiny batteries and cartomizers that contain both the heating coil and e-liquid (e-cigarette liquid).

Pen Vape

A vape pen is a rounded, pen-styled device that’s occasionally seen in dedicated smoking areas. Vape pens include a pod or canister for storing e-cig liquid and coils, as well as a battery. The one-button or buttonless design of a pen vape kit is perhaps its most noteworthy feature.

In most cases, intermediate-level smokers use pen vape kits to achieve a mouth-to-lung sensation, meaning they hold the vapor in their mouth before they inhale it into their lungs.

Pod System

A pod system or pod vape is one of the most popular kits among enthusiasts. The excellent thing about using pod vapes is their simplicity and functionality.

Typically, pod systems comprise two components, the first device serving as a battery and the other being a swappable (and routinely refillable) pod. With a pod kit, you can practically switch coils and use a vape juice of your choice.

In addition, pod kits are ideal for nicotine salt vape juice.

Box Mod

In terms of size, the box mod is unquestionably the largest vape kit among the prior entries on this list. However, because it is larger, it has a longer battery life and superior performance.

The key selling point of box mods is the addition of product features such as temperature control and variable wattage.


Vaping can be a pleasurable experience for anyone, but beginners should avoid purchasing advanced vape equipment before learning to appreciate the sensation that vaping provides. Once you enjoy the activity, you may opt for a cig-a-like, a pen-type, a pod system, or a box mod and find out which one you’ll find the most convenient and suitable for your lifestyle.

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