Why Do Vapers Relapse to Smoking?

It has been proven that switching from tobacco cigarettes to vaping reduces the risk of exposure to many toxic substances and cancer-causing chemicals. For people who are having difficulty quitting smoking, vaping is the next best alternative because vaping products are less harmful. There is a number of studies that links e-cigarettes to successful smoking cessation. 

On the other hand, while vaping is widely known as an alternative to smoking, there are studies that show that some vapers relapse into smoking. Why is this so? Although vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco, some people find it unsatisfying, so they end up switching back to smoking. 

According to some users, vaping is not a permanent substitute for the sensation of smoking. They still feel the urge to smoke, even though they have been vaping for quite some time. Those who reported less satisfaction from vaping also cited the health concerns associated with vaping.

Experts also predict that due to the recent flavor bans on e-cigarettes, it is more likely that vapers will return to smoking. Several government agencies have advocated for the prohibition of flavors in vape e-liquid. 

According to Health Canada, the flavors draw young people to vaping, which is bad because the flavor-infused vapes still contain trace quantities of nicotine. This flavor ban will probably drive vapers back to smoking tobacco.

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