To Ban or Not to Ban Flavored E-Liquids

Experts are divided on whether flavored e-cigarettes should be prohibited. Due to the rising cases of relapse, health experts are torn between banning or not banning flavored vapes. The ban on flavored vapes defeats its purpose of discouraging people, especially youth, from vaping. Recent studies revealed that the ban on flavored e-cigarettes prompted users to try other flavors not covered by the ban. Meanwhile, some vapers who are ex-smokers switched back to smoking tobacco.

According to research co-author Deborah Ossip, the prohibition does not seem to be having any effect because people continue to consume flavored items. She is a professor at the University of Rochester Medical Center’s (URMC) Department of Public Health Sciences and Center for Community Health and Prevention.

A recent poll was implemented for more than 3,500 people by the online URMC, which aims to find out the users’ reactions after the flavor ban. According to the poll, close to 30% of participants started using tank-style or disposable flavored e-cigarettes. 30% more people converted to tobacco- or menthol-flavored pods. 14% of users made the switch to combustible e-cigarettes. 5% or so of individuals started using smokeless tobacco. Only 5% of those polled truly gave up smoking.

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